Bills running your Hotel down?

Hotel Buildings and Resort Campuses can be major energy guzzlers. Most hotels want to provide multiple amenities to their customers enhancing their stay experience. From swimming pools, Jacuzzis, helipads, multiple restaurants, all night cafes and bars to luxury suites. UAE specialises in quality experiences. And there is only one downside, rising electricity and water bills faced by the hotels. What if you could invest the same money in enhancing your customer service? We’ll help you implement some basic measures to reduce your DEWA and CHW bills while enhancing guest comfort and experience.

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The building envelope includes all partitions that seal indoor spaces from outdoor air and temperature (windows, doors, walls, roofs, foundations).

  • For new construction, consider using super-insulated walls (typically R40). Install high-efficiency doors and windows when possible to avoid heat loss and infiltration.
  • Reduce solar radiation and conditioning costs by shading windows (add roof overhangs or louvers, plant trees near windows, etc.).
  • Low-flow shower heads (1.5 gallons/ minute, cut use by at least 50%).
  • Low flow toilets (use 1-1.6 gallons per flush rather than 5-7 gallons).
  • Install aerators on faucets (0.5 gallons/ minute, save 3-17 gallons/day per faucet). Install d

HVAC systems physically affect guests’ wellbeing in your hotel, so it is important to choose a system that both reduces energy consumption and improves comfort

  • Install a central air-conditioning system rather than individual room units so that hotel operators can control set-points and monitor performance. The type of system used will depend on geographic location and building requirements, so consult an HVAC professional to determine what system is best for your hotel’s needs.
  • If rooms have individual thermostats, limit the temperature range to avoid extreme temperatures
  • Install efficiency controls: electronic thermostats adjust the temperature based on programmed occupancy periods, and computerized energy management systems control energy use based on occupancy, weather, time of day, etc.
  • Conduct regular equipment maintenance
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In a large hotel, energy usage for lighting can add up to 30% of total energy consumption. Efficient lamps, luminaires, and controls will save money and improve lighting in the hotel.

  • In guestrooms, replace incandescent lamps and fixtures with highefficiency compact fluorescent lamps with custom-designed reflectors and electronic ballasts
  • In large open areas (lobby, conference room, etc.), install efficient T8 or T5 fluorescents and replace magnetic ballasts with digital or electric units.
  • Install lighting controls to avoid lighting spaces that are not in use (i.e. key-activated lighting in guestrooms, occupancy sensors in restrooms and storage rooms, dimming systems that adjust according to daylighting or event requirements).
  • For outdoor lighting, use highintensity discharge lamps (i.e. lowpressure sodium), install photosensors to automatically activate lamps when daylight diminishes, and place motion sensors in lesser-used areas.
  • Conduct routine maintenance: clean and replace lamps on a fixed schedule to avoid dirt and dust build-up and to insure full-light output.
  • For new construction, strategically place windows in guestrooms to take advantage of natural lighting.
  • POOL AND SPA: If your hotel has an outdoor or indoor pool and hot tub, install a thermal pool/spa cover when not in use to prevent constant heat loss or excess indoor humidity levels. Verify that heaters are functioning properly by regularly checking water temperature. Older heating units can also be replaced by a solar pool heating system to reduce water heating costs.
  • OFFICE EQUIPMENT: Use flat-panel LCD computer monitors which consume up to 90% less energy than traditional monitors. Set printers and copiers to “sleep” mode when not in use. Use recycled paper whenever possible and remember to check for ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment.
  • LAUNDRY SERVICE: In smaller hotels, upgrade your laundry facilities to ENERGY STAR® qualified washers and dryers.
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