Pactive offers comprehensive building energy audit services. In making existing buildings more energy efficient, an energy audit is the first process that helps in understanding modern building systems and their performance.

Audit highlights energy consumption pattern, its end use distribution, benchmarking, alongside providing clients with some best energy conservation measures depending on the identified opportunities. Here at Pactive, our professional, qualified and experiencedenergy efficiency team follows international energy auditing guidelines and use calibrated measuring equipment to analyze every variable of the building that affect it’s energy utilization. Our team will determine the saving potential, appropriate energy conservation measures, their financial feasibility and develop the best possible solution to optimize energy consumption and make buildings more efficient and sustainable.

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Pactive offers three different levels of building energy auditing services

Most popular building services that are evaluated during energy audits are:

  • Electrical Systems
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Other Mechanical Systems
  • Lighting
  • Pumps and Water Distribution
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Building Envelope (Walls, Windows, Doors, Roof and other Fenestrations)
  • Vertical Transport Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Operation and Maintenance philosophy
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