The mixed-use tower at TECOM, Dubai is managed by a facility management firm that also owns the building. While the tenants incur individual electricity and water bills, the owner takes care of electricity charges of centralised air-conditioning system and district chilled water.

To optimise the HVAC system and reduce overall electricity and water consumption, we spent a week analysing the tower’s usage, maintenance records, customer complaints and feedback, equipment health and building condition.

Know Your Building

70-80% of energy consumption in a mixed-use tower is used to cool the spaces. This depends highly on outdoor climatic conditions as occupancy is relatively constant. Most of the buildings run on manual mode even when Building Management System is installed.

This problem has been persistent since the past few years. This has resulted in reduced occupant comfort and a steady increase in Electricity and CHW bills.

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What Can be Achieved?

Savings of AED 400,000 to 500,000 annually is possible for a 50,000 sq.ft. building with a relatively small investment. Payback period is as low as five years.

We focus on optimising:

  • Building Management System
  • Operational Schedule
  • Technician Training for continued improvement
  • Energy Efficient Fixture Retrofit Solutions
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