As an accredited Energy Services Company (ESCO), Pactive offers Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) to building owners who wish to undertake Energy Retrofit activities of their property.

Energy retrofit enhances efficiency of building systems, reduce losses in equipment and building envelope, thereby reducing operational cost and improved indoor environment and building asset life. Under EPC, Pactive offers end to end Energy Retrofit Program where building owners are guaranteed of their annual energy savings post retrofitting. This includes conducting an Investment Grade Audit (IGA) of the property, provide engineered energy retrofit solutions, undertake complete project management of implementation of energy conservation measures, and prove savings annually through industry standard measurement and verification (M&V) methods.

The ESCO services are very flexible and can be tailor made to suite every building owner’s preferences in terms of solution design, project timeline, product selection, financing, operations and maintenance.

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Measurement & Verification

“Establish Guarantee by Giving Us the Risk”

EPC contracts can be complex. Not every energy conservation measure could be capable of offering overall improved building energy performance. Hence effective M&V is necessary to avoid conflicts. Our team offers IPMVP services which allows energy consultant, client, stakeholders or investors to make informed future energy efficiency plans based on accurate and proven data.

Pactive encourages client friendly investment models by building the proper design framework for M&V process and performing a calculated review of the performance contract. Our Impartial building performance assurance is construed using measurement activities, M & V audits, and energy simulations. Being a M&V consultant and an ESCO, we offer the client with an achievable energy cost savings to pay for during the contractual term.

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