Quick Look at ADSW 2016

The Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week was held last 16-23 January 2016 and hosted by Masdar. Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) is the ground-breaking global forum that unites thought leaders, policy makers and investors to address the challenges of renewable energy and sustainable development. It all started with a High Level Meeting in their programme – IRENA Sixth Assembly (16-17 Jan). It was attended by 150 countries and representatives from private, civil society and international organisations that will help move the Paris Agreement (COP21) to the next phase: ACTION and IMPLEMENTATION.

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By 2030, UAE is looking for a 30% target for power generation from clean energy, depending on the number of projects and are being evaluated and putting things in place, as per the minister of energy (UAE). As the GCC explores and develops renewables and aiming the clean energy targets another goal will be reached, more projects is equivalent to more jobs in the coming future. Approximately 140,000 jobs a year with 207,000 people employed in 2030. This is stated in the 907-pages report from IRENA (Abu Dhabi).
They focused on several key elements to accelerate

  • Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW)
  • World Future Energy Summit (WFES)
  • International Water Summit (IWS)
  • EcoWASTE Exhibition

Under the government’s current plans, nuclear power is the main source of non-hydrocarbon based electricity generation. Hydrocarbon is has been a central player in the global market and is being used in the UAE to stimulate the sustainable economy. As the home of the International Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, it simply states that what the country is aiming is within reach and is doable. As vowed in the COP21 in Paris, UAE shall increase clean energy’s share by 24%, maximising the power of the sun, solar energy is very possible. On the other hand, Masdar spearheads the Solar Impulse, research and development, they can show that persistence and clean technologies can be a major source for a cleaner and brighter future. The ADSW2016 is an extension of COP21, with this being said, we are now on the second phase – making it happen. UAE is looking for a brighter future and will maximise what the country has and improve it for the betterment, awareness for efficiency and sustainability.

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Here are some of the most tweeted plans and development following the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week:

  • UAE Signs Deal to Develop Waste-to-Energy Sector, the government targets 75% of waste from landfills by 2021. This is one of the things that can be done in the country to increase urbanization and consumerism.
  • Desalination of water with the use of dessert power
  • Decrease water use in buildings for Dubai Expo 2020
  • Water is life. Gulf renewable targets could save 16% of region’s water by 2030.
  • Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC) is focusing on promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy with the high rise buildings of UAE
  • Transition to a more sustainable, low carbon economy
  • Carbon emissions in GCC would decrease by 1Gt by 2030 if renewables targets realised
  • Jordan signs major Clean Energy deals with ABB Group News and Masdar
  • UAE Energy cooperates with countries that has the same goals
  • The Zayed Future Energy Prize are on the lookout for new innovators
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