Thermal imaging has multiple applications, however in building industry it is a non-intrusive technique that is generally used to locate the ‘weak’ points in the building envelope. This could be in one or more of the following forms; missing insulation, air leakage, thermal-bridging, presence of moisture etc.

Thermal survey is considered a cost-effective solution and is being widely employed these days for energy savings, building audits, facilities management, envelope tightness etc. Pactive Solutions qualified team will help you execute the thermography test with precision. Currently, thermographic services at Pactive includes:

  • Thermal Imaging – Detecting the air leakages
  • Air loss through buildings and internal members
  • Moisture in roof, insulation and wall
  • Air Leakage through ducts
  • Plumbing leaks
  • HVAC Equipment Inspection
  • Verification of energy performance (conduction and air leakage)
  • Electrical and Plumbing Inspection: such as overloaded circuits, Hot or loose connections etc.
  • Identifying Thermal Bridges – Hot or Cold Spots
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