70-80% of energy consumption in a villa is used to cool the spaces. This depends on both, outside air temperature and on occupant usage pattern. 50-60% of water consumption is due to landscaping water requirement. Families living in independent houses in Dubai are paying an average AED 24,000 per year.

The rising DEWA tariff is often a source of concern among independent house owners who want to reduce their water and electricity bills. We did a study of a typical Villa to analyse daily routines, air conditioning temperature set points, villa design, air conditioning system design and other factors. Feasibility was analysed to finally derive simple and cost-effective solutions to bring down energy consumption.

What Can be Achieved?

Savings of AED 5,000-10,000 annually is possible with a small investment. Some of the simple strategies include:

  • Simple behavioral changes
  • Segregating of Spaces for better air-conditioning efficiency
  • Landscaping water use reduction
  • Replacing energy intensive lamps to energy efficient lighting
  • Efficient water fixtures
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